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Emeralds, with the vivid green tones of theirs, are also offered from Australian wholesalers. Largely sourced from the Lihir Island mine in Papua New Guinea, these spectacular gemstones are a must have for every gemstone collection. Categories of Wholesalers in Australia. When you decide to buy your raw gemstones or maybe done jewellery from an Australian wholesaler, it is important to first do some study to guarantee that the wholesaler you select provides a great selection of quality stones that are high at a reasonable price.

Various types of wholesalers are situated throughout Australia, so it shouldn’t be tough to locate it. And let’s not ignore the amazing black colored opals from Lightning Ridge, which exhibit an intensity of color which is truly unmatched. For example, Australian zircons have a shine and fire that rivals even the most sought after diamonds. But perhaps the biggest advantage of obtaining gemstones from Australia will be the chance to find unique varieties that are unique to the region.

And let us not forget about the ease of getting gemstones from Australia. With a thriving system of wholesalers and suppliers around the country, it is easier than ever to find the perfect gemstone for your needs. There are plenty of Australian treasures to choose from, whether you shop via the internet or at a gem show. Discovered in numerous areas across the country, like Lightning Ridge and Coober Pedy, these fiery beauties are a must-have for any gem collector.

From the iconic opals to the mesmerizing sapphires, there’s a thing to accommodate every budget and taste. When it comes to variety, Australian general gemstone suppliers get it all. Opals, with their kaleidoscopic play-of-color, are maybe Australia’s most famous gemstone. Being a gemstone enthusiast as well as business proprietor www.calderagem.com myself, I have had the pleasure of exploring the earth of Australian gemstones firsthand. I want to show you a few of the unique benefits that are included with obtaining these treasures from the land Down Under.

For anyone seeking something truly unusual, Australian suppliers might also obtain specialty gemstones such as the enigmatic and elusive Taaffeite. This incredibly uncommon mineral is found in only a few locations globally, which makes it a genuine collector’s item. From the unparalleled quality of the stones on the outstanding customer service offered by Australian suppliers, you will find plenty of explanations why this country needs to be on every jewelry maker, collector, and enthusiast ‘s radar.

As a person who is working with gemstones for more than a decade, I could attest to the numerous advantages of sourcing them wholesale from Australia. So why not give your collection a little Australian sparkle now? To conclude, there are lots of benefits to obtaining gemstones wholesale from Australia.

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